Speaker Programme

Welcome to the GoSpaceWatch Speaker Programme. Our forthcoming Zoom Online meetings are listed here. All meetings take place from 7:30 pm UK Time unless otherwise stated:


Wednesday 11th November

Dr Lauren Corlies (Deputy Head of Education and Public Outreach, The Vera C Rubin Observatory, Tucson, Arizona, USA): “The Vera C Rubin Observatory”

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Saturday 14th November: (National Astronomy Week)

GoSpaceWatch National Astronomy Week Event. Featuring Author Nicholas Booth celebrating the exploration of the planet Mars.

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Plus: Win a copy of Nicholas’ latest book “The Search for Life on Mars”

Wednesday 2nd December:

Valerie J. Calderbank BSc, MBCS, CEng, CITP, FRAS: “Myths and Legends of the Stars”


Wednesday 6th January

Jay Tate (The Spaceguard Centre): “The Search for Near Earth Objects”

Wednesday 27th January

Dr David Whitehouse (former BBC Science Reporter): “Space 2069”

Wednesday 3rd February:

Naomi Rowe-Gurney (Phd Student at the University of Leicester): “Ice Giants and the James Webb Space Telescope”

Wednesday 17th February:

Howard L.G Parkin BSc. BEd. FRAS: “Dark Skies Tourism”

Wednesday 3rd March:

Sharad Bhaskaran (Mission Director, Astrobotic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA): Robotic) “Missions to the Moon to support NASA’s Artemis programmme”.

Wednesday 17th March:

Meeting Details are being finalised

Wednesday 7th April:

James Blake (PhD Student at the University of Warwick): The sticky issue of space debris

Wednesday 21st April:

Dr Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester) The European Space Agency’s proposed JUICE Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moons.

Wednesday 5th May:

Dr Hannah Sargeant FRAS (Open University): “Mining the Moon”

Wednesday 26th May:

Robin Hague (Head of Launch, Skyrora): “From Scotland to Space”

Wednesday 2nd June:

Meeting details are being finalised.

Wednesday 16th June:

Meeting details are being finalised.