Speaker Programme

GoSpaceWatch Online Lectures currently take place on the first, third or fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm UK Time unless otherwise stated. All lectures cost £3.00 (unless otherwise stated) per participant and are open to all.

Wednesday 26th January 2022

Paul Williams (Black Arrow Space Technologies) Seaborne launch – The Optimal Space Delivery Solution for the UK

Wednesday 2nd February

Dr James Green: Former NASA Chief Scientist “The Martian – Science Fiction and Science Fact”

This Meeting is Free.

Wednesday 16th February

Dr Anna Mcleod (University of Durham):

Extra Galactic Astronomy

Wednesday 2nd March

Mick O Connor, Programme Director for Prestwick Spaceport.

Prestwick Spaceport

Wednesday 16th March

Dr Jenny Carter, University of Leicester: Space Weather and the ESA SMILE Mission.

Wednesday 6th April

B2Space by David Johnson of B2Space

Wednesday 20th April

Apollo 16 50th Anniversary by Ben Evans

Wednesday 27th April

Space Engine Systems