Speaker Programme

Wednesday 27th January

Dr David Whitehouse (former BBC Science Reporter): “Space 2069”.

Based on the Book of the same name, Dr Whitehouse, a former BBC Science Reporter, follows Mankind’s journey back to the Moon, Mars and beyond based and current trends and scientific knowledge.

The thirteenth man and the first woman to walk on the Moon will be the first to explore the lunar south pole – the prime site for a future Moon base thanks to its near-perpetual sunlight and the presence of nearby ice.

The first crewed mission to Mars will briefly orbit the red planet in 2039, preparing the way for a future landing mission. Surviving the round trip will be the greatest challenge any astronaut has yet faced.

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Wednesday 3rd February:

Naomi Rowe-Gurney (Phd Student at the University of Leicester): “Solar System Science and the James Webb Space Telescope”

Wednesday 17th February:

Howard L.G Parkin BSc. BEd. FRAS: “Dark Skies Tourism”. Based on the Isle of Man, Howard discusses Dark Sky Discovery centres on the island.

Wednesday 3rd March:

Sharad Bhaskaran (Mission Director, Astrobotic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA): “Robotic Missions to the Moon to support NASA’s Artemis programmme”.

Wednesday 17th March:

Meeting Details are being finalised

Wednesday 31st March:

James Carpenter (European Space Agency)

Wednesday 7th April:

James Blake (PhD Student at the University of Warwick): The sticky issue of space debris

Wednesday 21st April:

Dr Leigh Fletcher (University of Leicester) The European Space Agency’s proposed JUICE Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moons.

Wednesday 5th May:

Dr Hannah Sargeant FRAS (Open University): “Mining the Moon”

Wednesday 26th May:

Robin Hague (Head of Launch, Skyrora): “From Scotland to Space”

Wednesday 2nd June:

Meeting details are being finalised.

Wednesday 16th June:

Meeting details are being finalised.