Speaker Programme

GoSpaceWatch Online Lectures currently take place on the first, third or fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm UK Time unless otherwise stated. All lectures cost £3.00 per participant and are open to all.

Wednesday 6th October (World Space Week Event)

Dr Cathy Olkin South West Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA – The NASA Lucy Mission

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Saturday 9th October (World Space Week Event)

Mission Mars: Mars Analogue Missions Experiences. GoSpaceWatch (UK), 4CEE (Slovakia) and Astro Radio (UK) present a Mars Analog Mission Conference.

This online conference brings together Mars Analog Astronauts and scientists to talk about their analog missions and scientific investigations.

Wednesday 20th October

Alice Carruth, Public Relations Coordinator, Spaceport America

Wednesday 17th November

Lou Mayo: The Voyager Missions. Lou Mayo is a heliophysicist and science educator at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center.

Wednesday 24th November (new)

Ross Hulbert: Spaceport Cornwall – An Update on Progress

Wednesday 1st December

Paul Money: Wonders of the Solar System

Wednesday 26th January 2022

Paul Williams: Black Arrow Space Technologies

Wednesday 2nd February

Dr James Green: NASA Chief Scientist “The Martian – Science Fiction and Science Fact”

This Meeting will be free to attend.

Wednesday 16th February

Dr Anna Mcleod (University of Durham): Extra Galactic Astronomy