GoSpaceWatch Speaker Programme

Welcome to the GoSpaceWatch Speaker Programme. Our forthcoming Zoom Online meetings are listed here. We currently have one Zoom meeting per month usually on the third Wednesday of the month. (Subject to change).


Wednesday 7th October: GoSpaceWatch World Space Week Special – “Persephone: Pluto System Orbiter and Kuiper Belt Explorer”

Dr Carly Howett: Assistant Director of the Department of Space Studies, Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, Colorado, USA: For more details and tickets please click here.

Our first International Speaker.

Wednesday 21st October:

Roger Hyman (Amateur Astronomer): “My Journey into Astro Photography”: For More Details click here.

Wednesday 11th November

Saturday 14th November: (National Astronomy Week)

GoSpaceWatch Mars Special. An evening special event featuring two authors celebrating the exploration of the planet Mars.

Note: Depending on Government Social Distancing rules, this may be a real life event at a public venue in the West Midlands but most likely become a Zoom video conference meeting.

In autumn 2020, Mars makes a close approach to Earth, and it won’t be as close again until 2035. National Astronomy Week will celebrate Mars and make sure that as many people as possible get a chance to see Mars through a telescope, and to find out about the exciting space missions to the planet. More details at www.astronomyweek.org.uk

Wednesday 2nd December:

Valerie J. Calderbank BSc, MBCS, CEng, CITP, FRAS: “Myths and Legens of the Stars”


Wednesday 6th January

Jay Tate (The Spaceguard Centre): The Search for Near Earth Objects

Wednesday 3rd February:

Naomi Rowe-Gurney (Phd Student at the University of Leicester): Ice Giants and the James Webb Space Telescope

Wednesday 17th February:

Howard L.G Parkin BSc. BEd. FRAS: Dark Skies Tourism

Wednesday 3rd March:

Sharad Bhaskaran (Mission Director, Astrobotic): Robotic Missions to the Moon to support NASA’s Artemis programmme.

Wednesday 17th March:

Extremely Large Telescopes (TBA)

Wednesday 21st April:

Dr Leigh Fletcher (University of Liverpool) The European Space Agency’s proposed JUICE Mission to Jupiter’s Icy Moons.

Wednesday 19th May: