Speaker Programme

GoSpaceWatch Online Lectures currently take place on the first, third or fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm UK Time unless otherwise stated. All lectures cost £3.00 (unless otherwise stated) per participant and are open to all. Lectures are subject to change without prior notice. For any lecture which is cancelled the full ticket price will be refunded.

Wednesday 4th May

Scott Poteet – Mission Pilot: Polaris Dawn

Polaris Dawn is a commercial crewed spaceflight mission, flying on a SpaceX Dragon taking place towards the end of 2022. The mission will feature a number of commercial firsts including the first commercial spacewalk.

Polaris Program: www.polarisprogram.com

Wednesday 18th May

Dr Caroline Harper (Head of Space Science: UK Space Agency)

James Webb Space Telescope Update

Wednesday 15th June

Ben Evans: To the Mountains of the Moon: Apollo 16 50th Anniversary by Ben Evans