Previous Events

16 September 2020: Spaceport Cornwall: Launching the UK Back into Space.

Spaceport Cornwall is working with partners Virgin Orbit and Goonhilly Earth Station to offer small satellite launch to Lower Earth Orbit from 2022. The horizontal launch spaceport will be the first of its kind in Western Europe and the first to integrate space launch with an existing civilian airport, Cornwall Airport Newquay. A recording of the lcture will be available soon.

19 August 2020: “The Art of Remote Observing: Social Distancing at its Best” (19th August 2020) by Pete Williamson FRAS

This meeting was NOT recorded at the requst of the Speaker.

Marsquake!: NASA’s InSight Mission to Mars (15th July 2020); By Dr Anna Horleston of the University of Bristol

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The Far Side of the Moon: Is it Just Aliens? (17th June 2020), By Dr Julian Onions of the University of Nottingham

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The Moon is a shy body, it only ever shows one side of itself to the Earth. Before the space age, we had no idea what was on the far side of the Moon. This has led to a number of conspiracy theories that it is a haven for aliens. In this talk, we’ll chart the progress of how we got to see what was on the far side of the Moon, and what we found there. Tin foil hats are optional!

The Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope (25 April 2020)

Dr Steve Barrett (University of Liverpool) gave an online talk entitled “The Legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope”. This meeting celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope from Space Shuttle Discovery. A recording of the meeting is now available on YouTube by selecting the video below:

Saving Apollo 13 by Dave Eagle (11 April 2020)

An Online Event, Dave Eagle FRAS presented the above talk from his home using live streaming software provided by The lecture was recorded and is available to view at any time via YouTube below. This event was a joint mission between Go Space Watch and Star-Gazing.

Kidderminster Arts and Food Festival (1 November 2019)

In association with Wyre Forest DC and Kidderminster Arts and Food Festival Go Space Watch organised an evening lecture event. The theme for the 2019 Festival was “To the Moon and Back” and we had a lecture by leading Astronomer Dave Eagle who gave his talk about the “Apollo Missions“.

Celebrating Apollo (20 July 2019)

Go Space Watch organised its first event at Sutton Coldfield on 20th July 2019. This event celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and had five lectures listed below. The meeting took place at Sutton Arts Theatre, South Parade, Sutton Coldfield.

Dr Steve Barrett (University of Liverpool) The Great Moon Hoax (Proving NASA did go to the Moon)
David J Shayler (Astro Info Services) The Gemini Project (Space Techniques to Support Apollo)
Michael Bryce (Go Space Watch)The Apollo Missions
David A Hardy (Astro Art)To the Stars On a Paint Brush
David J Shayler (Astro Info Services)Apollo: the Lost and Forgotten Missions