CAPCOM Magazine

CAPCOM Magazine began as a Newsletter for the Midlands Spceflight Society back in the early 1990’s. Throughout this time, CAPCOM has been Edited and produced by Michael Bryce with proof reading and subscription management by David Evetts.

Beginning long before the Internet became the “at your fingertip” media source it is today, CAPCOM provides original and prominent space exploration news sought by enthusiasts. Fresh new articles and original content are provided by enthusiastic authors, along with thelatest news from space authorities, companies and organisations around the world.

Midlands Spaceflight Society is to close on 31 August 2020. CAPCOM Magazine will then become a product of GoSpaceWatch. We intend to develop the magazine further into a more commercial product and open it up to astronomical articles and features as well as spaceflight.

Space enthusiasts will know that the word CAPCOM is a NASA acronym for Capsule Communicator. A prominent staff position in NASA Mission Control, historically filled by an Astronaut, who is the communications officer between Mission Control and thre Astronauts iin space.

CAPCOM is published 6 times per year in September, November, January, March, May and July.


GoSpaceWatch is looking for contributors for CAPCOM Magazine. Original Articles on all aspects of Space Exploration and Astronomy will be considered. Content ideas are also welcome. Anyone wishing to submit content should email

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