The Clearest View

A GoSpaceWatch National Astronomy Week Online Talk

The Clearest View by Nicholas Booth

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About the Lecture: For the first time in forty years, the world’s space agencies are actively looking for life on Mars. With three new missions already en route, it is an exciting time for anyone interested in the Red Planet. The tantalising possibility that there may have once been life there is no longer a taboo. It is a story told in new detail by Nicholas Booth, and his Canadian co-author, Dr. Elizabeth Howell in their book.

Throughout history, people have claimed to have found evidence for life on Mars. These claims are looked at in the book – and this talk – which is really about (as a singer once put it) The Clearest View. Nick looks at the evidence, tells some unique stories about what has been learned – he reported on the subject for many years – and sets the scene for the next spectacular in space – the return, within a decade, of samples of Mars along with new ways of examining the Red Planet.

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