“The Art of Remote Observing: Social Distancing at its Best!”

By Pete Williamson FRAS

About the Lecture: Remote Telescopes for Public and Educational use. How to gain access to telescopes and observatories across the globe for private use and for teachers / STEM Ambassadors to use in the classroom. The talk also covers where you can find FREE Data from Space Probes etc that you can process for yourself.

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NGC 7635: Faulkes Telescope Project: Pete Williamson FRAS

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Pete Williamson FRAS

About the Speaker: I embarked on my astronomical journey in 1967 when I started Hagley RC Secondary School and noticed an observatory in a garden near the school playing fields in the village of Churchill Worcestershire.
After several attempts of knocking on the door of the owner and being told to go away I was eventually allowed in to take a look. The observatory was owned by Mr Brian Manning a noted discoverer of asteroids (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_G._W._Manning) who then took me under his wing along with my good friend Rowland Hill (deceased).

We joined the Kidderminster Astronomical Society where I had to a travel 46 miles round trip by bus to the meetings, I was now 11 years old and very keen to observe and learn. My Grandfather bought me a 2″ Tasco Refractor for starters and at the age of 12 years old I went on to build my own 6″ Reflector grinding my own mirrors, building the skeleton tube and butchering a microscope for an eyepiece.

The complete biography for Pete can be found here

Tickets on Sale now at Helm Tickets.

Note: the Kidderminster Astronomical Society Pete describes does not exist now, but there is a modern Astronomy group in Kidderminster called the Carolian Astronomy Society. Their website can be found here.