Spaceport Cornwall: Launching the UK Back into Space.

By Melissa Thorpe (Head of Engagement – Spaceport Cornwall)

About the Lecture: Spaceport Cornwall is working with partners Virgin Orbit and Goonhilly Earth Station to offer small satellite launch to Lower Earth Orbit from 2022. The horizontal launch spaceport will be the first of its kind in Western Europe and the first to integrate space launch with an existing civilian airport, Cornwall Airport Newquay. This presentation will discuss the path to launch and how Cornwall is challenging the rest of the global launch industry to consider sustainability, ethics and local communities., as well as inspiring a generation.

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Melissa Thorpe

About the Speaker: Melissa Thorpe is the main liaison for industry, military, Government, media, public, and schools for Spaceport Cornwall, the UK’s first horizontal launch site. Together with launch partner, Virgin Orbit, this ambitious project will offer dedicated and responsive access to space by 2021, from an existing civilian airport. Melissa works across the launch environment to efficiently secure investment and support, whilst communicating the space story to a wider demographic.

Originally from Canada, Melissa moved to the UK to attend the London School of Economics in 2010.  Since then, she has worked on several aerospace development projects, and has been part of the Spaceport Cornwall team since its inception in 2014.

Tickets Now Available at Helm Tickets: