Roger Hyman

“My Journey Into Astro Photography”

After some 40 years of obtaining my GCE in Astronomy at school my passion for Astronomy had returned. Now in early retirement I have rekindled my interest with my other hobby of photography.

After purchasing a telescope and an astronomical camera in March 2019 I have been finding my way through the internet on how to get those images that we all aspire that we see from Hubble. I will be going through what equipment and software I am currently using and the processes to obtain an image that can get the ‘wow factor’ from a reasonably priced setup. I will also show how just having a DSLR, tripod and wide-angle lens can get those wonderful captures of the Milky Way. There will be a short audio-visual of my most current set of photos and a Q & A session.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy by roger Hyman
Comet NEOWISE 160720 Nikon
Roger Hyman on Zoom.